Global solo challenge

You can do it

Around the world
By the three great capes
With a unique format
Budget friendly
Starts in A Coruña 2023
2023 Global Solo Challenge

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About The Global Solo Challenge

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Sailing solo is both a challenge and an opportunity. A journey of self-discovery and an immense personal accomplishment. This event is a unique opportunity to show yourself and the world what you are capable of.

around the world

We offer the ultimate challenge. There are other events that allow you to cross the ocean, but few offer the possibility of going around the world. Those that exist require inaccessible budgets or have very strict formats. This event offers an alternative.

budget friendly

Navigating the world doesn't need to break the bank.  The Event admits a wide range of boat types, ranging from 32 to 55 feet. The boat you sail on should not be the measure of your success.

a unique format

The format is unlike any other event around the world and will make it fair and exciting for Skippers, as well as easy and engaging for the public and sponsors to follow.

Boats will be grouped by performance characteristics and set off in successive departures over 8 weeks.

Once at sea, there are no classes.

The first boat to cross the finish line wins.

You too could win

All entries will have their chance to win, dramatic from beginning to end.

It will be the ultimate setting in the history of the tortoise and the hare, with smaller and slower cruisers chased by performance-hungry skippers on faster boats. Who will cross the line first?

The faster boats will need to sail fast and well to make up for the head start given to the slower groups.

The unique format ensures everyone will stand a chance of

Why choose the
Global Solo Challenge

There are many reasons that make this event unique.


The range of boats permitted in the Event is wide, from 32 to 55ft, classic boats, cruisers, and race boats.


Whatever boat you are sailing on, nothing can compare with achieving a solo round-the-world trip!

planet friendly

To respect our planet, the organizers do not want anyone to build a boat especially for the event.

global solo challenge

Around the world alone

The event is open to a wide variety of boats and to skippers of all ages and from all walks of life. Find out today if this event is for you. 

start now

How to start?

Read our event notice to learn about the format and admission criteria.

The staggered departures mean that every sailor is always part of the event. A bigger budget doesn’t mean a better chance of winning!

We are here to help!

If you can’t find answers to your questions, get in touch to discuss your circumstances. We are here to help you make your dream come true.


The Global Solo Challenge offers each competitor a free crowdfunding service to help them raise funds towards their entry fees. 

format - eligibility - entry

be part of it

event format

Discover the event's unique format, created with sailors and the public in mind


A wide range of boats, low participation costs, a high level of safety

how to enter

You can submit your entry today! Every dream starts with the first small step

Safety First

Each boat must comply with the  Notice of Event and Regulations.

Each boat is subject to a inspection before departure.

Safety requirements are based on the established best practices of the World Sailing for Category 0 events

Boats must meet stability criteria and may require modifications to provide for division into watertight zones.

Boat and skipper must complete a compulsory qualifying navigation.