Just a quiet day in the South Atlantic

Good day, people, greetings from the 31st parallel south!

To be honest, there isn‘t much to say. The wind gradually died out last night, leaving some breaths of 5-7 knots around us. By sunrise, it slowly veered to the west while keeping its speed between 5 and 10 knots. Of course, the new direction called for a downwind sail so we‘ve been flying a gennaker the whole day. It‘s not all that comfortable because of the swell from the SW, which tosses the boat and the sails around but it is what it is.

The light air provides some time for maintenance and preparation and we‘ve gone thru our list of things to do. Drogues and storm jibs are in place, engine belt tensioned, a problem with the wiring of the fresh water pump is solved and a full inspection for chafed lines has been made.
We‘re not doing too bad, considering the wind we‘ve got and are slowly advancing SE. Looking forward to more wind tonight and some better boat speeds.

I was planning to bake some bread today but that short in the water pump wiring took me a long time to locate and fix, so I decided that the ritual should be left for another day. Before I left, I made sure I got a special camping oven, in which you can bake bread on a propane burner. I have some 20 kilos of flour mixes and dry yeast, too, so I hope to enjoy the smell and taste of freshly baked bread very soon. I don‘t mind freeze-dried food – on the contrary, I rather like it. But the comfort that kneading the gough and watching it rise gives you is something I do look forward to. When single-handed, these little things that break the normal routine are really important – at least for me.

Believe it or not, the wind is up to steady 10 knots. If it wasn‘t for the swell we would‘ve been making over 7.5 knots. But the reality is anywhere between 5.7-6.5 and I‘m grateful even for that when I take a look at the masthead and see the figure eights it makes against the sky.
Time to pop up on deck and take a look. I finally managed to send a picture to the blog today so you get a face connected to the writing:)

Have a great evening and take care!