Back in our garden

Crossing the equator marks our return to the northern hemisphere, we feel a bit more at home and I am now starting to look towards the arrival to adjust the trajectory to the position of the Azores anticyclone (a relative of the St Helena high pressure). I’ve been sailing the long upwind days in the trade winds, a bit frustrating with the 3 reefs imposed by my mainsail rail detachment. The sail is permanently fixed in the 3 reef position, we have to deal with it. it’s also the return of the sargassos…

Yet another major step cleared. Especially since this crossing of the equator was really desired…It was an opportunity to salute Neptune and thank him for his clemency during our visit to the southern hemisphere. Have you noticed how this type of navigation where we are so vulnerable makes us superstitious and receptive to beliefs, even in the most rational of sailors? Especially not to forget to salute and offer a drink to Neptune when crossing the equator (he got a sip of old rum). I’m not even talking about the animal with long ears, forbidden on board in all its forms. And the number of emails, messages, logos between us skippers, and with the land that ends with “cross-finger” so that luck is on our side?

And the “little monster” lurking in our cockpits of lonely runners and putting twists in our lines: it’s that our lines have a soul, sometimes high technology (dyneema, kevlar, polyester…) but no doubt that this soul is inhabited by a devil who wants to make our lives complicated: you carefully prepare your maneuver in the cockpit by coiling a line carefully so that it can run freely when you need to pull on it while maneuvering on the deck for example, and as soon as you take your eyes off it, it will entangle itself with its twists and never will run forward when you pull it. You have to go back to the cockpit and sometimes do this 2 or 3 times for the same line!

So to navigate serenely, there is no alternative but to be receptive to sailors’ beliefs!! but I promise, as soon as I arrive on land I leave a little bit of my sailor’s soul to the ocean and I put some light and reason in these beliefs. !! Now on the way for several days on starboard tack upwind and we cross our fingers that the anticyclone is not too far north and that Kawan3-Unicancer is strong and sturdy to the end.

Hello to all the friends and supporters of Kawan3 Unicancer, and congratulations Andrea for this magnificent navigation!