Bendigedig # 012 – First Member of Bendigedig “Ton-Up Club”

Fire Extinguishers

A big shout to Kerry and Steen, for their very generous donation for my
fire extinguishers, thereby becoming members Number 001 of Bendigedig Ton
Up Club. Ton Up Club – Bendigedig Sailing

At this stage I’m still hatching plans for membership benefits, you can
help me here by making suggestions. Typically I’m thinking, a visit to your
school, visit the boat, branded team kit, or even a sail on Bendigedig. One
thing for sure is that I will email, as a group email, directly from the
boat during the race, to all listed members, as often as I can. You will
also be able to email me on the boat, however, I can’t guarantee
individual responses.

Thanks again Kerry and Steen