Bendigedig # 10 – Milestones Achieved and Up Coming


Today is another countdown milestone “700 days to get to the Start Line”.
These countdown milestones are coming round a regular basis now. That clock
doesn’t stop for any one.

John Highcock from Saturn Sails, drove all the way down from Scotland and
spent 4 days here in Wales. We spent hours on Bendigedig going over pretty
much everything. One fairly radical decision we conclude is to go hanked on
for the head sails. Marco’s comment was “failproof but wet”. Thanks John
for your time and interest in my adventure.

My new engine is now fully installed and hooked up. I just need the
batteries and associated connections to the engine.

My GRP “spray hood” has been epoxy bonded to the deck. I think that this
new edition is going to become my best friend.

I have been invited by the UK&I S&S Association to speak at their annual
Laying-Up Supper at the end of October. Quite an honour and must say I’m
looking forward to it.

Launch in mid March 2022 still on track followed by The RB&I 2022

Time to get going, fired up by Curious Roo Coffee, the “Barn Door Blend”,
I’m heading to the barn !


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