Bendigedig # 13 – Progress Update



Things are moving along at a pace, both on Bendigedig and in the background
too. Spending 12 or 13 hours a day pushing all fronts in a general forward
direction is now a pretty normal day. I’m amazed at the all the
encouragement and support I’m receiving from companies and individuals,
both local and further afield.

Recent highlights/milestones over the past weeks are as follows

– Sails ordered from *Saturn Sails*, Largs Scotland. Not only have
Saturn offered me a great deal but have also included the storm sails in
the deal. Further they have secured, through Contender UK, to upgrade the
material for the main, headsails, and staysail to Fibercon® Hybrid powered
with Dyneema.
– A local bee keeper, Nikki Grant, has contact me, via my website, and
has offered to supply me with all pure Welsh Honey I need to power me
around the world. On my previous race around the world I would gorge on
honey as I came off watch and before sleeping. Honey is known as a
“superfood” and a must for any endurance sailing crew. I’m looking forward
to meeting him and his busy bees.
– I final committed to an order for my new mast with Zspars. I have had
assistance an input from all over the world in particular Australia. To
mention a few, Shane Kearns of Azzurro, Dr Simon Torvaldsen of Blondie, Jo
Breen of Morning Star and of course Kev Le Poidevin
– Another published article, this time in “Welsh Country Magazine”.
Thanks to Nige Jones of Nanteos for setting this up with Ian Mole.
– A delivery of free goods from Jabsco, including a toilet, searchlight,
vent bends, engine spares etc Thanks to Tim Greenslade for arranging
– On the boat, my “windows” have been sealed off, WC fitted, mainsheet
track, pilot drive unit and first trail fit of the rudder and stock.
– A visit to the woods for a session with Coed Lleol is always a welcome
break from boat stuff. Whilst a few of got stuck into whittling a mushroom,
we had a very productive meeting discussing future plans for improvements
and even building a small “open shelter”
– Curious Roo Coffee Roaster have completed a refit of their Chiswick
outlet, doing a great job on the schedule. Judging by the finish on the new
floor, could do with them in West Wales to help with the antifoul 🙂

All going well for launching Bendigedig back in the water on 3rd April 2022
at Aberaeron Harbour.

Thanks to all that helped me to keep on track

Dafydd Hughes