Bendigedig #15 – End of Summer Update

Since re-launch in May, I have successfully sailed over 3,500 nm in
Bendigedig. The current plan is to take her out of the water next month at
Aberystwyth Marina and carry out a number of tweaks over the winter. No
major mods required and no gear damage to speak of.
A big shout to all who have helped, supported and sponsored to get me this

It has been an awesome adventure to get the boat refitted, and sailing
again. Almost 20 years since she was last afloat.

Curious Roo Coffee Roasters
Quantock Brewery
Plas Nanteos Country House Hotel
Fortress Capital
The Marine Group (Aberystwyth Marina)
Diverse Performance Systems
Swallows Guest House
Saturn Sails
Contender Sailcloth
Simon Rowell Weather
Achieving Awesome
Jack Heald Coaching
DN Marine
Aberaeron Yacht Club

……and of course Jo, Lizzy and James