Bendigedig # 16 – Phase II of III Well Under Way

Phase I closed out last year, in October, when Bendigedig was lifted “onto
the hard ” at Aberystwyth Marina. After 20 months of planning, design,
procurement, installation, testing and commissioning Bendigedig performed
like the star she is during sea trials. We covered over 3,500 nm
together and were both tested in some fruity conditions, light airs and of
course perfect reaching conditions. The best memory of the summer was
winning the Prince of Wales Cup at Cork Week, which to be perfectly
honest was a truly remarkable achievement and has to be said upset the
local sailors at the Royal Cork Yacht Club.

Once the last mince pie was munched, washed down with the dregs of the
port, Phase II kicked in. I have a long list, big and small jobs to get
Bendigedig and myself as ready as we can be for 13h00, August 26th, on the
start line in A Coruña. Which of course is the beginning of Phase III. Sir
Robin Knok Johnston’s words of wisdom are ringing loud in my ears *”getting
your boat, ready, funded and fully prepared is far harder than the actual
sailing part”*

You guys out there can help me with Phase II with your continued support,
interest and words of encouragement. Believe me, a few words of support go
a long way, especially if I’ve been cutting and sanding plywood all day.
Some of the big ticket items for Phase II are listed below. My budget is
without doubt extremely tight, therefore, any help you can offer in
sourcing these items would be very much appreciated. Let’s get creative
here. Do you have contacts at suppliers/companies prepared to give me a
hefty discount? Can anyone supply on a loan basis? Adopt a piece of kit?

Balance of Entry Fee £6,000

Freeze Dried Food £2,000

Wind Turbine £900

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery £1,000

Secondary Pilot £800

Comms Hardware £2,000

Comms during the race £3,000

Active Echo £650


Marina and Accom £3,000

Safety Courses £600

Medical Kit £500

Other items I could do with help with are, social media, filming and
editing short videos, website content and editing, boat graphics design and
layout, communication with sponsors.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to all my sponsors to date, I’m looking
forward to working with you all and more so sharing this adventure with you.

Dafydd Hughes Entry Fees Fundraiser – Global Solo Challenge

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[image: CR16.jpg]
[image: Dirty job.jpg]