Bendigedig # 7 – Spare parts for my PATAY Bilge Pumps Sponsored by Pumps International Ltd

Pumps International Ltd have very kindly sponsored the supply of all the
spares that I required for my two manual bilge pumps, the fabulous PATAY DD
120. To enter the Global Solo Challenge your yacht must meet a strict set
of safety rules, which have been developed form the Offshore Special
Regulations Monohull Category Zero. There are number of rules that cover
the bilge pumps, namely; quantity of pumps, total capacity, ease of
maintenance and operation below and above deck. Bearing these rules in mind
and having to reach a combined capacity of 200 l/min, using one manual and
one electrical emergency pump, I researched my options across a selection
of bilge pump manufactures. It quickly became clear to me that the PATAY
120 DD stood out on a number of points. First of all capacity in flow rate
and lift, a double diaphragm arrangement increasing efficiency, ease of
maintenance and what I particular appreciate, as an engineer is that the
diaphragm and valves are all one piece and profiled such it cant be
installed incorrectly. Simple but still genius.

“Pump International Ltd was incorporated on the 5th April 1957. It
operated as Patay Pumps Ltd from that date until 23rd November 1988, when
it was decided that Pump International Ltd better reflected the scope and
influence of the business. Manufacturing in the West Of Cornwall, on the
outskirts of the scenic village of Praze-an-Beeble, Pump International Ltd
has a global reach and client base. Pump International Ltd is the UK
manufacturer of the globally renowned Patay Range of manual pumps. Made in
aluminium, polypropylene, P.T.F.E and Passivated Steel, with a complete
range of diaphragm material, our pumps can accommodate a huge range of
fluids. We supply industries as diverse as marine, military, portable
toilet, petrol station forecourts, horticulture, agriculture, playgrounds,
in fact, wherever fluid needs to be manually transferred”

Many thanks to Pump International Ltd <> for
this generous support and help to get me to the start line in Sept 2023,
you too can assist, just click here.