Bendigedig # 8 Collaboration with French Eco Company

I am delighted to announce a new collaboration with “Alpine Eco I Atlantic
Eco” who have made a very generous donation towards my entry fee, and also
bring their eco engineering knowledge to the project. I worked with Alpine
Eco | Atlantic Eco <> founder and co-owner Robbie
in Kazakhstan about 10 years ago, and we have remained good friends ever
since. I have been luck enough to visit him and his family in Chamonix.
Hopefully next visit could well be to visit his new(ish) office on the
Atlantic Coast, with Bendigedig <> of course.

Robbie is also responsible for introducing me to and
all their delicious brews. Mountains, sailing, beer, music; all with a good
healthy discussion about the latest eco innovations on construction
projects, great start for building a solid friendship.

Thanks Robbie and Alex, look forward to working with you and hope to see
you soon, Dafydd

PS Maybe, after the Global Solo Challenge
<> Alex
can revamp the interior for me, make it look a bit posher 🙂

Dafydd Hughes Entry Fees Fundraiser – Global Solo Challenge