Ari Känsäkoski

I cannot express enough how much your support means to me

Since the dismasting of my Class40 Fuji, ZEROchallenge, I have experienced both challenging days and heartwarming acts of kindness. The journey from north of the Kerguelens to Durban tested my mettle over a span of 25 days. Figuring out the next steps has been like solving a complex puzzle. I cannot express enough how much your support means to me. Each message and every contribution to the fundraiser has been truly overwhelming. Your assistance goes beyond repairing a boat; it is about reigniting the dream to be on the start line of Global Solo Challenge 2027. Looking forward to the Global Solo Challenge 2027, my focus is on taking steps and making steady progress, starting with Fuji’s journey back home. I want to salute all my fellow sea sailors in the race, whether you have completed the journey, are still battling the elements, or had to retire. Your resilience and spirit have been truly inspiring, showing that the journey itself is just as important as the destination. If you are interested in supporting the efforts to bring Fuji back to Europe or to help realize the dream of participating in the 2027 race, I would be deeply grateful. Every contribution,

Louis Robein

The children congratulate Louis on his rounding of the 3 capes

Whilst adults rally to help Louis, the children of the Allonzier primary school, in their own way, congratulate him for successfully passing the 3 capes by taking this collective photo and making a drawing for him. This school project will remain a long-lasting experience for them. Following the race with passion is also about learning geography, cartography, latitudes, longitudes, winds, writing texts, making drawings. They have all well understood the immense difficulties of this race and the tremendous courage of the skippers. The solitude often seems unbearable to them and they feel joy, sadness, concern, enthusiasm alternately for the skippers and especially for Louis. They are learning the true meaning of the words courage, will, solidarity, day by day. Of course, the suspense continues, the route to to A Coruna is still long!

Ari Känsäkoski

I must ship my dismasted boat from South Africa to Europe

At the end of December I dismasted north of the Kerguelens and nursed my boat under jury rig in a 25 day voyage arriving in Durban in January. After a long and stressful investigation process that included several options, including selling the boat in Durban, I have come to the conclusion that the Fuji must be shipped from South Africa on a cargo to Europe. Due to the tight budget of the project, we are hoping for contributions to the freight cost scheduled at the end of April. You can participate using the link below:

Louis Robein

Louis Robein is working to continue his voyage

Many of you are awaiting news from Louis Robein. Extraordinary messages are coming from all over the world, praising his achievement, his bravery, his persistence, and his outstanding qualities as a sailor. Rest assured, Louis is fine. He has rested after this awful adventure without autopilot in the extreme conditions of the South Pacific Ocean. His boat suffered but he is back at work to repair it and set off again. In order to complete his solo around-the-world journey, Louis needs to pay the towing fees that his insurance does not cover, amounting to €15,000. His budget is extremely modest due to the lack of a sponsor. Your support is needed to allow him to leave Ushuaia, finish this adventure, and join us in La Coruña. A huge thank you to those who will be able to assist Louis by clicking on this official link of the global solo challenge fundraiser and forwarding it to anyone in your vicinity interested in his achievement.

David Linger

The food supply is holding out well but I’m running out of candy!

Greetings everyone from the duck boat Koloa! A nice day of sailing here with a big lift coming pretty early in the day and pointing the good duck towards Spain! The turn is about 18 hours early as the goal was N25 W37 before pointing the boat towards The Azores and Spain. Life onboard has been reasonable as we have been going upwind the last 2K miles or so , just managing the speed and angles to keep the big slamming to a minimum! We are now north enough to wear foulies outside for any errands after dark or forward on the boat and an occasional tug on a corner or of my sleeping bag is needed to stay warm in my bunk. The food supply is holding out well but I’m running out of candy! Maybe the next dry bag has some ? In other boat news Louis has made it around the Horn ! What an amazing accomplishment! His tenacity is inspiring! I wish him luck with his repair(s) Lillian Miller Kuehl googled the cove he’s in and it seems like there is some kind of refuge/homestead located in that cove! Crazy cool. “Sterna” from the Ocean Globe Race was