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Start date

Boat: Bendigedig (1971 S&S 34)

Lives: Talybont, West Wales, UK

Born in: 1960

Miles sailed: 50,000+

Status: Full Entry

Where does your passion for sailing come from?

I’ve already raced around the world once, crewed. This is a whole new challenge and what’s not to love about that?

What are the lessons you learnt from sailing?

Respect Mother Nature. Enjoy the freedom and live the dream. When racing as a crew, everyone on the boat is a big part of the team.

What brought you to like single-handed sailing?

A good question as I have not done it yet. Another challenge to embrace and nearly 1000 days before race start.

What prompted you to sign up for this event?

I’m currently following the Vendée and if I could experience just 10% of what those amazing sailors do, that would be epic.

How do you plan to prepare for this event?

Buy a boat and sail around the UK and Ireland non-stop single handed. After that, tune the boat for longer short/single-handed offshore sailing.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Staying on top of maintenance when you are totally wiped out by lack of sleep. Keeping yourself eating properly and of course, the challenges Mother Nature will test you with.

Tell us about your boat or the boat you would like to have.

I’ve found an S&S 34 that is completely stripped out and has been sitting in a dry barn in West Wales for the last 13 years. She has a name but I’m going to change it, not 100% sure to what, any suggestions? Starting in March this year, with help from friends and some professional input, I’ll refit specifically for the GSC 2023. Target to get out on the water is Easter 2022. Followed by intensive training and tuning of systems.

Do you intend to link this personal challenge with a social message?

My overall mission statement for the campaign: 1) Complete the course, 2) Zero Emissions – to achieve this I would need a sponsor(s) onboard to assist with costs of electric drive system and associated carbon zero charging (or if not possible, offset to zero), 3) Without compromising safety or reliability, use recycled/refurbished equipment during the refit as much as possible, and 4) Promote the link between nature and mental health. Small Woods Association, Coed LLeol, Coed Cymru and Woodland Trust.

Anything else you want to add?

The first time I landed on the Global Solo Challenge website and read through the race format, my immediate thought was “I have to do this”, no hesitation. I completed the “Early Applicant” form and duly sent it off. When I think about the challenge ahead, which to be honest is most of the time, my emotions swing from panic to excitement. This is what one of my friends said: “This is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Completely awesome!!!”

Sailing experience

  • Clipper 07/08 Round the World, 3rd place, Watch Leader
  • Yachtsman of the Year 2008 Aberaeron Yacht Club Morgan’s Cup
  • Round the Island
  • Cowes Week
  • Cork Week and several other regattas
  • RORC 600 on a Class 40 (skippered Hannah Jenner)
  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore

About The Boat

NOTES: The S&S 34 had a successful career as an IOR racer before becoming the boat of choice for single-handed record breaking, and eventually earning a great reputation as a blue water cruising boat. The boat has legendary seaworthiness and is a joy to sail being beautifully balanced and easy to single hand.

Sail Number: GBR5383L

Boat design: S&S 34, Aquafibre, Norwich

Year built: 1971

LOA: 34ft

Upwind sail area: 43.6 sqm

Downwind sail area: 105 sqm

Displacement: 5500kgs

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