February 12th storm reopens battle for positions

There is a nasty storm wind that will affect David Linger on his approach to Cape Horn and his plan to reach Ushuaia, as well as the skippers in the South Atlantic. The winds will bring havoc and each skipper has been monitoring the developments of this weather system for days. Andrea Mura on Vento di Sardegna chose to stay on a westerly course despite being slowed down by light winds in the course of yesterday. His positioning will enable him to take a stairway to the north that he hope will help him close the gap to Ronnie Simpson hoping to still be able to overtake him. Ronnie  is aware that his third place is under threat, especially as he found very difficult conditions in the South Atlantic with very difficult conditions and lots of headwinds. His focus has been on negotiating the nasty seas and preserving the boat even though this has cost him dearly in terms of progress, a frustrating circumstance that the American skipper had little choice but to accept. The neverending duel between Francois Gouin and Riccardo tosetto is potentially set for another another chapter of the saga. As Francois has decided to avoid the worst of the storm on a easterly course that will keep him below the worst of the winds, Riccardo has the option to use the Falklands for some protection from the worst of the waves that will form and that are set to reach 6-7 meters north-east of the islands. The battle for 3rd to 5th place is in full swing and should Andrea be propelled north very fast by the storm it could even open a small window of opportunity to go on the attack of Cole’s second place. At present this does not seem to be under any threat but as we’ve seen nothing is guaranteed in the ever evolving and complex weather of the South Atlantic, which has been far more complex and vicious than most probably expected.