À propos du skipper




Résidence: Gosport, UK

Milles navigué: 160.000+

Groupe: TBA

Status: Full Entry

D'où vient votre passion pour la voile?

I went sailing with my grandfather since I was a child. He had a small sailing boat and I liked fishing and it was a means to an end. I wanted to go fishing which meant I had to go sailing and I learnt that way.

Quelles leçons avez-vous appris de la voile?

You don’t fight the sea, because you will lose!

Qu'est-ce qui vous a amené à aimer la voile en solitaire?

This is a good one. In 2015 my wife said to me if I thought I’d sit in her restaurant drinking her profits all summer I was wrong, and she entered me for the Azores and Back race 2015 to get rid of me. 

Qu'est-ce qui vous a incité à vous inscrire à cet événement?

I had benn talking to Alex Alley before who sailed on Pixel Flyer and I sailed with him. He had attempted the round the world record which inspired me. When I saw the Global Solo Challenge I was already planning to do the OSTAR and the GSC seemed like a natural next step, the next Everest if you like. 

Comment comptez-vous vous préparer à cet événement?

I’m going to bring my boat down to Lanzarote, so I can have 12 months a year of training and experience here. Then of course I have a long passage qualifying route to plan. I have a good team down here already, good boatyards, marina facilities and, 12 months a year sailing in the Atlantic. I can see the Atlantic from where I am sat. 

Selon vous, quel sera le plus grand défi?

For me the biggest challenge is wear and tear, chafe and maintenance, to try to keep the boat in one piece. 

Parlez-nous de votre bateau ou du bateau que vous aimeriez avoir.

She’s a french built one-off Class40, original owner was Stephen Card, she’s done a few of the Class40 races. The previous owner holds the record for the 40ft Azores and Back race. She took line honours in one of the Royal Western Yacht Club’s Round Britain and Ireland Races. All in all she has been quite lightly sailed in my opinion and she’s in good conditions. I’ve owned her for two and a half years now. She has all new standing rigging, sails are in good condition. I want to convert from hank-on headsail to furled just to make it more manageable, other than that a few bits and bobs on the electronics and she’d be good to go, she was ready for the OSTAR. Just need to do the necessary modifications to comply to Cat 0 rather than Cat 1. 

Avez-vous l'intention de lier ce défi personnel à un message social?

Yes I will be supporting two charities: Sullivan Heroes and the Oakley Waterman Foundation. Both charities work with children affected by cancer. 

Souhaitez-vous ajouter autre chose?

If any of the other guys who are entering are looking for somewhere with 12 months a year sailing, I suggest they get themselves down here, we could all help each other out. 

Expérience de voile

2017 – Second in the Jester Class of the OSTAR
2015 – AZAB both legs Single-handed
Regular deliveries on a Gunboat 66 Catamaran – 8 transats and trips to and from the Med
Offshore Powerboat racing – Navigator and Throttle man – 2011 British Championship with my brother

À propos du bateau

Numéro Voile: GBR19

Plan: Lucas

Année: 2005

Groupe: TBA

LOA: 40

Déplacement: 4500

Voile au prés: 115

Voile au portant: 280