Credo che siamo “tornati in pista”

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Had the rest of the day just chilling out

Sun Sep 17 2023

To be honest I haven’t been up to much for the rest of the day. Just
chilling out on my bunk, listening to some classical music. Bryn Terfel and
Andrea Bocelli singing The Duet of Pearl Fishermen, just beautiful. I have
no idea what the are singing about, jut sounds fabulous. Of course, I have
had one eye on the instruments and keep smiling when they are just about
pretty much constant and the boat speed up there on the right side of my
target average.

Now rugby time Daf

7 46.243n 21 21.617w

Head Sail Change

Sun Sep 17 2023

This morning whilst you were drinking your coffee and perusing the Sunday
papers I was on the bow changing the headsail on Bendigedig. I’ve chosen to
have hanked on sails, as apposed to furling headsails. One could debate at
length the pros and cons between hanked and furled head sails, what closed
the deal for me is the simplicity of the hanks and you can almost guarantee
that if you need to drop a hanked sail in a hurry it will come down. Furlers
can let you down at the worst possible time. The main disadvantage, of
hanks, is that you have to remove the sail in use and hoist the new. On my
circumnavigation in 2007/08 we had hanked on sails, and one hell of teacher,
namely Hannah Jenner, who taught me the tricks for a racing head sail
change. I tried out my skills this morning. Han, you may have shouted a bit,
but on the whole I think you would have been best pleased.

I’m definitely shouting for Fiji today

Cheers Daf

8 36.623n 21 40.723w

I think we are “Back on the Horse”

Sun Sep 17 2023

Wales won with a bonus point, that set up the beginning of a very good
evening on Bendigedig. During the match I had email updates coming every 5
or 10 mins. Excellent. At the same time, I had two cheeky little squalls,
one on port other on starboard, tracking with me through the last patch of
suspect wind. But with the squalls I had 10 to 15 knts in the right
direction as they balanced each other out. The accompanying rain enabled me
to get the shampoo out again, now feeling nice and clean. Shortly after the
squalls passed, the wind steadied, aligned itself with the GRIB forecast and
even better has stayed there ever since. Don’t want to say too much, but I
believe the tortoise has started to fire up the turbo, hopefully we can say
that we are “back on the horse”. I’m sure that Simmon can confirm later if
my suspicions are correct.

A jolly good Saturday, cheers Daf