Class40 Bert Mauri – n.136 – For Sale



Class40 Bert Mauri – n.136 – For Sale

Kika is a Bert Mauri Class40 launched in 2014 in excellent conditions, continuously upgraded and meticulously maintained. She holds a 2019 IRC rating of 1.237 that would put her within the “Super-Zero” Group of the Global Solo Challenge. Se would require Cat Zero modifications to comply with the Event Regulations. The boat is currently undergoing an extensive refit including keel and mast inspection and general maintenance/improvements.

NOTE: The Organisers are not making any explicit or implicit recommendation or statement regarding the suitability of this boat for the Event (which currently does not seem to fully meet GSC Regulations).

Photos under sail

Deck details

Inventario Class40 n.136 Kika

SailsSquare top mainsail20141GoodNorth Square Top Kevlar TF Single Side Full Batten
Furling solent20141GoodNorth Polyester Diax Solent Furling 3 battens
Staysail20141ExcellentNorth Polyester Diax Staysail Furling with Karver Hook
Storm jib20141ExcellentNorth Orange Furling with Karver Hook
Medium A320141ExcellentNorth Superkote SK150
A2 Maxi20141GoodNorth Superkote 90 A2 Runner Masthead SK 90/130
A5 Fractional20141GoodNorth Superkote Code5 Reacher Maxy Kote MK 200P
Code 020141GoodNorth Code 0 Upwind Aramid Laminate AK06T
Square top Mainsail20181ExcellentNorth 3DI Race
Furling Solent20181ExcellentNorth 3DI Race
Snuffer20141GoodNorth Carbon
FurlersSolent20141ExcellentKarver KFSF5 with Lock
Bowsprit sails20141ExcellentKarver KFS with Lock (A2/A3/A5/Code0)
Staysail, Storm Jib20141ExcellentKarver KFH2 + with Lock
Safety equipmentComplete20201Excellent
ElectronicsB&GExcellentB&G H3000 Performance
ChartplotterExcellentLowrance HDS-9m Gen2 Touch
RadarExcellentLawrence Broadband 3G
VHFExcellentB&G V50 DSC VHF
VHF PortatileExcellentB&G H50 Wireless Handset
ComputerExcellentAsus VC60 Intel – SSD HD
Schermo2017ExcellentLG 22” LED
SatellitareExcellentInmarsat Sailor 150
DissalatoreExcellentSchenker Smart 30
Complete inventory on request

Winter 2020-2021 refit

  • Ballast fractioned and new hydraulic system (new pipes, valve etc)
  • New ballast pump
  • Completely new electrical system (all cables replaced and system optimized)
  • New electronic panel with remote automation
  • New chart table rotating 90°(smaller and lighter with easy access to instruments on the back)
  • Kitchen removed (also with kettle and sink)
  • Watermaker removed (it was too big and heavy)
  • Water tank removed
  • Manual fresh water pump removed
  • D2 angle modification
  • New deck plan (optimization and change of position of many manoeuvers)
  • Replacement of 7 stoppers with constrictors
  • New fixed Bowsprit and removal of outriggers
  • New bow chainplate
  • New wrapping with new look
  • New propeller (Gori Racing)
  • New propeller shaft
  • New deck sea protections
  • Replacement of all solar panels (7) with new model (Solbian)
  • New top mast plug
  • New Mantagua tricolor light on the masthead
  • New masthead plug
  • New wind sensor mast cable
  • New wind sensor 100 cm (old was 80)
  • Replacement of all tacks, main sheet, 3D sheet, halyards
  • Furlers serviced by Karver
  • New windex
  • New seacocks and through-hull (forespar)
  • New log system (two instead of one, one on each side with automatic switch)
  • Check to keel, mast and rig
  • Rudders service, new bearings
  • Rudders optimization
  • Reinforcements applied on most stressed areas
  • General weight reduction

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