Life Onboard from 14/11 to 19/11

11:50 AM: 24°18.09′ S, 18°57.40′ W; Log: 8632; Pressure: 1016.9; Course: 225; Wind: 5.1 knots; Wind Vane: 103° T; Speed: 2.5 knots; Mainsail + Genoa; Energy: -105 AH
Welding in the port cockpit locker and a few hours at the helm due to light wind.

11:50 AM: 24°55.92′ S, 18°13.05′ W; Log: 8680 (part of the day without electronics); Pressure: 1016.9; Course: 190; Wind: 5.5 knots; Wind Vane: 81° T; Speed: 2.1 knots; Mainsail + Genoa; Energy: -130 AH
In the morning, 3 hours at the helm followed by testing the Raymarine cylinder. There seems to be some improvement but it’s not optimal yet due to low batteries. Switching back to the reliable Jefa.

9:00 AM: 26°27.04′ S, 17°22.06′ W; Log: 8793; Pressure: 1014.5; Course: 175; Pressure: 1014.5; Course: 173; Wind: 12.9 knots; Wind Vane: 95° T; Speed: 6.1 knots; Mainsail + Genoa; Energy: -93 AH
A peaceful night (finally) completely on autopilot without needing to get up. The batteries benefited from this.
During the day: minor tasks and rest.

10:10 AM: 27°36.44′ S, 15°49.17′ W; Log: 8859; Pressure: 1014.0; Course: 155; Wind: 12.7 knots; Wind Vane: 127° T; Speed: 3.1 knots; Mainsail + Genoa; Energy: -77 AH
Today’s tasks:
– Checking the bolts of the Jefa: the left rear one slightly loose.
– Securing two out of three screws of the cylinder (the third is not easily accessible).
– Applying resin around the fourth one, which is smaller in diameter.
– Securing the locking screw of the starboard hydro’s support with resin.
– Returning the gas box to its original position.
– Immobilizing the locking screw in the starboard hydro’s support.
– Repairing the small gas burner on the stove (it has not been working for 10 days). For the larger one, status quo: have to hold the button for it not to go out for 5 days.

2 AM: Jibing in front of a cargo ship (15 minutes before crossing) to avoid rough weather at night (> 25 knots with all sails out), a taste of the south but with appropriate sails.
10:10 AM: 28°08.76′ S, 13°28.90′ W; Log: 8992; Pressure: 1012.4; Course: 95; Wind: 21.5 knots; Wind Vane: 95° B; Speed: 7.4 knots; Mainsail + Genoa; Energy: -22 AH
Batteries are 80% charged, starting to use the fridge a bit.
Today’s plan: navigation and rest.
1:40 PM: Taking the first reef.

Upon waking up (7 hours after 2 hours of sleep), the batteries had dropped a bit. Checking the hydro, it had slightly come out of its support again.
Since jibing was planned, I did it and started the other hydro.
The routing says I’ll keep this course for a while, so I decide there’s no rush and I’ll look at the problem calmly based on my experience (no problem with the other hydro).
First thing after securing: breakfast.
11:10 AM: 27°08.05′ S, 10°19.24′ W; Log: 9154; Pressure: 1011.9; Magnetic Course: 115; True Course: 88; Wind: 20.2 knots; Wind Vane: 130° T; Speed: 5.7 knots; Reef 1 + Genoa; Energy: -15 AH
Previously, the course was always magnetic.
Day spent between navigation and cleaning the bilge (manual pump as the central electric bilge pump is out of order due to design flaw X), organizing (sorting last fresh produce and cooking last potatoes).
Late afternoon work on the starboard hydro’s support:
– New longer screws with drilling into

the hull (drilling into plastic and gloves because it’s 10 cm above the water, as the first time).
– Sanding the paint for the resin to adhere.
Night is coming, tomorrow will apply resin to finish the work, no jibing planned tonight.
Tonight’s meal: freeze-dried beef steak with potatoes.

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