Louis Robein patiently avoiding storm before heading east

Several members of the public have written messages to us to have more information about what appears to be an erratic course from Louis Robein. We are in constant contact with Louis who is doing his best considering his broken autopilot and developing weather. He is currently heaving-to, i.e. deliberately stopped putting sails on opposite sides, to let the developing storm due to hit him tomorrow blow past him. Once seastate and wind will have calmed down Louis will resume course towards Cape Horn with a forecast of several favourable days to make progress east. We appreciate everyone’s concerns, at this stage Louis has little option other than pressing on to round Cape Horn. A request of assistance would mean abandoning his boat and despite the slow progress the Louis assessed that he is not currently in critical situation to warrant such a radical decision. Skipper and boat are in good conditions and once round Cape Horn Louis may also attempt to take apart the motor of the autopilot which seems to be the reason for his problems and see if any solution can be found at sea to make it work again.