Louis Robein’s new autopilot issues create a delicate situation

Louis Robein is unfortunately experiencing new problems with his autopilot, after the light winds of the past few days this is a far more serious issue. Unless he finds a solution he needs alternate time at the helm with configuration called running heave-to, where the boat drifts safely in the best possible direction even if the skipper is resting. He estimates that he can steer for 8 hours a day during daylight hours. Given his current position the risk is that of a storm will develop leaving him unable to avoid it altogether. He has 875 miles to cover to Cape Horn, which seems daunting but is primarily time consuming under the circumstances as he’ll probably won’t be able to cover more than 50 to 100 miles a day at most. The situation will need to be monitored as in 5 days a deep low pressure system will develop.