MRCC Argentina coordinating Ronnie Simpson’s rescue, Andrea Mura on standby

First of all we would like to reassure everyone that, at present, Ronnie is safe and well, he has disconnected all the rigging that was becoming a threat to the integrity of the hull and had to get rid of it. The reason for a request for assistance does not lie with the immediate situation, which despite wind and waves is still manageable, but with the storm developing and heading towards Ronnie’s position tomorrow. This storm is forecast to bring seas of up to 8 meters at its worst but hopefully a little less in his position, around 6.5m. For this reason, the situation could deteriorate and Ronnie has requested assistance. MRCC Argentina is responsible for coordination of any Search and Rescue Operation in those waters and as organisers we are in contact to provided any information they request, such as SAR identification photos, vessel details and characteristics and liaise with any other party requesting information such as the US Coast Guard, given the vessel has a US flag. We have instructed the provider of the event satellite trackers to increase the reporting frequency of Shipyard Brewing to every 15′. At present, we are waiting for further details from MRCC Argentina who are in the process of contacting commercial vessels in the proximity of Ronnie’s position. We don’t have full access to all they information they do, but we understand that at present there appear to be no ships within a reasonable radius heading towards or that could be routed to his position. We have to wait for the SAR centre to coordinate the operation. As a precautionary measure we have alerted Andrea Mura on Vento di Sardegna of the situation, he is still 600 nautical miles away and it would take him at the very least 48 hours to reach the position. Nonetheless we are grateful to Andrea for giving immediate and unconditional availability to help should it become necessary.