New jobs…

6am: The electronics tripped, the pilot was blocked.
I get up to see what’s happening. I don’t see anything special. I restart the electronics, indeed very quickly, the electronics trip again. I steer a bit to think. I think this is an opportunity to test the other pilot. There is still about twenty minutes to finish the work on this pilot. It’s not easy when the boat has neither a pilot nor someone at the helm. The boat often changes sides and to work in the electrical panel, it is sporty. Once finished, I start this pilot.

Same, same result.

I look and see the axis that is used to lock the bar, twisted. I take a closer look, there are twisted bars and the bar rubs at the bottom and can be the cause of the blocks that stop the pilots. I disconnect the steering transmission from the steering sector: same. I install the spare bar and start to find blocks by manipulating it.

I see that the transmission portion is blocked at the bottom, I must completely remove it. For this, it is necessary to access a hatch at the bottom of the aft cabin. Problem: the cabin is filled with boxes of food and equipment, plus there are two screws that are two centimeters above a 100 liter water reserve. I make my way by removing some boxes and I move the water reserve by 15 cm. I disassemble the transmission rod and put everything back after a few hours of work.

When I go back outside, the bar is blocked!!!

Nothing is left but the cylinders of the two normally free pilots. So a pilot is blocking the system now. I manage to move it a little and straighten the bar. The boat stabilizes on the current course and I do 4 knots in the right direction.

To work on the pilots, you have to dismantle the gas. Night is coming, I have been working for 13 hours and I haven’t eaten yet today. Heading in the right direction, I stop working and go rest.

After a small breakfast (I hadn’t eaten for 36 hours), I get back to work. The goal is to find out what’s blocking. I start by removing the gas box while being careful with the pipe! After several attempts, I managed to identify that it is the Jefa cylinder that is blocked. I disconnect it from the steering sector and start everything again. Quiet time, everything works. 6 hours of work today and I make myself a hot meal.

5:40 am: the boat changes course and all the electricity has tripped. I get up, look at what’s going on. The rod from the steering angle sensor has jumped. I put it back in and move forward. Since then, the wind has picked up a bit and the pilot is struggling, I will have to steer a lot but with the tiller…

Well, I continue