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Marco Nannini

New fee payments schedule, possible limit on entries, new Performance group

Dear Skippers, We hope you are all well and that your preparations for GSC are going smoothly. The purpose of this newsletter is to give you advance notice of some amendments to the Notice of Event which will be made public in the next week or so, on the following topics. Entry fees Much has happened in the nine months since the launch of the Global Solo Challenge and we are delighted to have reached the incredible milestone of 35 entries in such a short time. Over 325 skippers have now enquired about the event and there is significant number of those who have not yet entered saying they intend to do so. The number of new enquiries each week is increasing, as is traffic to the Event Website and media interest generally. There is every reason to believe the total number of participants will continue to grow strongly. Thanks to such a positive response, we are pleased to be able to announce a change in the entry fees payment schedule. There will no longer be a lump sum payment of €2500 due this December. Instead, there will be four €500 stage payments due in 2022, the first on 31

François Gouin

François Gouin with his Class40 Kawan3 is the 35th entry in the GSC

François Gouin from Pornic in France is the 35th entry in the Global Solo Challenge with his Pogo 40S Kawan3, a first generation Class40 (Finot-Conq) built in 2008 by Structures. For François, sailing is an incredible school of life: rigor, anticipation, discipline and, he believes, it is the most complete of discipline spanning from physical, technical, to emotional level. He wanted to participate in a round-the-world circumnavigation by the three great capes but the opportunity had never materialised until the announcement of the GSC, which represents a dream for the lovers of the open sea with yet requiring a budget that makes the project feasible. The moment to launch himself in this adventure has arrived for François. The organizers are delighted to welcome him as the 35th entry in the GSC, 11th among the French skippers, 3rd Class40 and 5th among the 40-foot racing boats. Interview Where does your passion for sailing come from? Since childhood. I discovered sailing and dinghies with my parents and friends on vacation. When I was very young, my greatest pleasure as a city dweller was during the holidays to walk the pontoons to admire, examine and compare the sailboats. It made me dream. From

Jérôme M.

French skipper Jérôme M. is the 34th entry in the Global Solo Challenge

French skipper Jérôme has already set his eyes on the boat he thinks has the characteristics for taking part in the Global Solo Challenge, but viewing and purchasing the boat has been much delayed by COVID related travel restrictions. At this stage he wishes to be known only by his first name, however, he wanted to make the first personal step towards his commitment to be on the starting line of this event by registering as a Full Entry to give him focus towards his goal. Jérôme views this as a magnificent opportunity to live an extraordinary, unique adventure. Organisers are delighted to welcome him as the 34th entry in the GSC, 10th among the French skippers and can anticipate a further French Full Entry, sailing a Class40, is due to be announced later this week. With the summer break over and people returning to their jobs daily lives, it appears that planning such an incredible challenge is stimulating the imagination of many. The number of enquiries and entries in the Global Solo Challenge has had a further acceleration since the beginning of September, even beyond all optimistic expectations, in a steady crescendo that is accompanying this first edition of

Lloyd Davey

British Lloyd Davey from Mérillac, Brittany, is the 33rd entry in the GSC

British skipper Lloyd Davey lives in Mérillac, Brittany where he has been self-building his 42 foot Warwick Buckley sloop. As the launch date of his boat finally approaches Lloyd started wondering if an event existed that would allow a skipper like him, on a limited budget and with a boat like his, to take on the challenge of a single-handed circumnavigation by the three great capes. About a month ago he discovered the Global Solo Challenge and he promptly decided to enter. Organisers are thrilled to be announcing the 33rd entry, the 4th from Britain with still 2 years to go till the start. The inclusive format of the event is attracting a wide range of skippers with different boat types of different styles, from outright cruisers to ultimate racers, leaving great freedom of choice of the preferred boat to take on the ultimate challenge and adventure and dream for many: sailing single-handed, non-stop, around the world. Interview Where does your passion for sailing come from? Before I got into sailing boats I was very much into windsurfing and just loved being out on the water especially once I’d learnt how to deal with the tougher conditions. Then one day