Global solo challenge

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Around the world
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With a reduced budget
A Coruña 2023
2023 Global Solo Challenge

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About The Global Solo Challenge

How it works

single handed

Sailing single-handed is both a challenge and an opportunity. A voyage of self-discovery and a unique sense of achievement. This event is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show yourself and the world what you are capable of.

around the world

We are offering the ultimate challenge. While there are other events that involve sailing across the ocean, few provide the chance to sail around the world. Those that do exist require unattainable budgets or have very stringent formats. This event provides an alternative.

on affordable boats

Sailing around the world does not need to break the bank. Costs can be greatly mitigated by competing in an event that enables you to enter on widely available boats. The boat you sail should not be the measure of your achievement.

budget Friendly

The right format is crucial to the success of the event, for the experience of those taking part in it and for those following it from home.

We want to make the event equally interesting for every participant. 

A higher budget should not automatically imply a better chance of winning. 

you can win too

The first boat home must be the winner: there is no other way for the public to understand. In this event the fastest boats won’t necessarily be the favourites on paper. Find out why.

The unique format ensures everyone will stand a chance of winning.

Why choose the
Global Solo Challenge

There are many reasons that make this event unique.


Sailing on production boats reduces the budget; there are many boats that are easily available and suitable.


Whatever boat you sail on, nothing can diminish the achievement of a single-handed circumnavigation!

planet friendly

Sailing production boats rather than custom-built racing yachts reduces the budget and the impact on the planet.

global solo challenge

single-handed round the world

The event is open to a wide variety of boats and to skippers of all ages and from all walks of life. Find out today if this event is for you. 

start now

How to start?

Read our straightforward guide to find out about the event format and the eligibility criteria. Everything has been defined with the skipper and their budget in mind.

The pursuit format of the race means every sailor is equally part of the event. A bigger budget does not imply a better chance of winning!

We are here to help!

If you can’t find answers to your questions, get in touch to discuss your circumstances. We are here to help you make your dream come true.


The Global Solo Challenge offers each competitor a free crowdfunding service to help them raise funds towards their entry fees. 

format - eligibility - entry

be part of it

event format

Discover the event's unique format, created with sailors and the public in mind


The goal of the event is to keep participation costs low whilst ensuring a high level of safety

how to enter

You can submit your provisional entry today! Every dream starts with the first small step

Event Statistics

Great Capes
Nautical Miles


Every around the world event has a high level of attrition. It is likely that a number of participants will have problems with their boats. 

We know the effort it takes to put together a project like this, and the stress it can cause knowing you may not be able to finish. 

The first boat home will be the best prepared, with the best skipper that manages to finish the event without major issues.

All is not lost

If you face a problem at sea, you will try to resolve it and resume sailing. If you need to stop, however, all is not lost. 

The event format allows you to pull into port for repairs. A minimum length for your stop will provide a deterrent penalty. 

You may no longer be able to finish first, but you won’t lose all the hard work you put into the project. 

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