Event Partners


Marina Coruña

Marina Coruña is part of the FI Group, located in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, which will host be the Host port for the start and finish of the Event.


Raymarine makes high-performance marine electronics for boating and sailing enthusiasts. With a legacy of marine navigation technology spanning over 80 years, Raymarine products are renowned today for their ease-of-use, rugged design, and reliability. Raymarine is continually innovating to deliver best-in-class sensors and intelligent navigation systems - making boaters’ time on the water safer and more fun.



Hydrovane is a self-steering windvane system that is a completely independent mechanical system (ie. non-electrical) and steers the boat on a wind-based course. It is an auxiliary rudder type of windvane, meaning it has its semi-balanced rudder that is independent of the boat’s main steering system.

ATN Inc.

Sailboat Equipment and Sailboat Gear, Sailing made safe and fun. We have now manufactured more than 30,000 Spinnaker Sleeves, 15,000 Tackers, 10,000 Mastclimbers and 2,000 Gale Sails. We cater to more than 300 sailmakers in the US and abroad.


Range global Services

With a satellite phone from Range Global Services all of your equipment and airtime service is included in one low monthly fee. Range Global Services provides the lowest prices and best customer service for those needing or using satellite communications. Website www.rangeglobal.com

TÜV Thüringen Italia

TÜV Thüringen Italia is an independent certification body that has been active on the Italian market for more than twenty years.

International Association of Cape Horners (IACH)

The IACH maintains a register accounting for around 1850 sailors who have rounded the Horn during a circumnavigation on crewed passages, 150 single-handed with stops and just 180 solo non-stop. Sailors in the GSC will be awarded IACH membership on successfully rounding Cape Horn.


Royal Western Yacht Club of England

Acting Rear Commodore Oceanic, Adrian Gray said “This is a great opportunity for both the RWYC and the GSC to work together in promoting the spirit of Corinthian, short-handed Oceanic Sailing – a discipline that the RWYC is proud to have created and continues to develop to this very day.”