Riccardo Tosetto is through the storm and is expected in A Coruna Saturday 30th morning

Riccardo Tosetto is through the heavy storm that hit him yesterday and conditions should have already significantly improved for him. The low pressure system has moved rapidly to the north east and today Brittany will be battered by severe weather. The cold front moving east will bring Riccardo a rotation of the wind from the SW to the NW. The passage of the cold front is usually a delicate moment at sea, as cold fronts bring unstable air masses, squalls and gusty winds. In this case however it seems that the centre of the low will keep moving north east and Riccardo should not encounter particularly difficult conditions. He is sailing on a course that takes him further north so that after the wind rotation he can point directly towards A Coruna. After the difficult navigation during the storm in the preceding 48 hours Riccardo needs to ensure he reaches the busy waters near Finisterre rested and capable of remaining vigilant and therefore he opted to continue sailing conservatively to catch on some much needed sleep and will pace his arrival for the morning of saturday 30th rather than take unnecessary risks to arrive on the 29th evening. With 300 miles to go and the worst of the storm past him, Riccardo must be starting to feel an immense sense of excitement and anticipation for his imminent arrival.