Ronnie Simpson dismasted on Shipyard Brewing 650 miles off Argentinian coast

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to write this update. At approximately 0200 UTC Ronnie Simpson dismasted on Shipyard Brewing. Ronnies is well and is not injured but wind and waves make the situation quite critical. He is approximately 650 Nautical Miles due east-sout-east from Buenos Aires. Ronnie is in contact with the coastguard, has deployed one of his Epirbs and has determined that the safest course of action is to be rescued. He has been sailing east for days to distance himself away from the worst of a storm do to hit him in 24-36 hours. He is therefore rightly concerned about the negative development of the weather in his area. At the time of dismasting he was reaching east when the boat took off a wave crest and dismasted upon landing in the trough of the wave. There are several videos posted on his official Instagram profile @captainron_official which we have also relayed on our channels, we are on standby awaiting for further information regarding plan of action with the rescue centre. He is not in any immediate danger but clearly the situation is made difficult by the weather forecast.