Ronnie Simpson forced to dive under boat to cut away kelp

Ronnie Simpson is sailing in the waters between Argentina and the Falklands which are renowned for the presence of kelp, a long and very strong type of algae that grows to 20-30 meter tall from the bottom of the sea towards the surface. Storms like those of the past few days often break away some of these long liana type algae which can then become a real problem for sailors. If they get stuck around a keel with a bulb to the point that not even moving in reverse can free the boat there is no other option than to dive and cut the algae away. Ronnie reports spending 2 hours in the water to free himself from the tangle, a dangerous and unpleasant job, especially in waves and strong winds, which is exactly what he’s experiencing. We’re glad to know he’s well, and at least we understand why he was so slow at the last position report, probably just drifting in strong winds whilst cutting off the kelp.