Sailing Instructions

The Global Solo Challenge 2023-24 (GSC) is a single-handed, non-stop round the world yachting event.

History of amendments

Version 1.0 issued 05/08/2023
Version 1.1 issued 12/08/2023 (Amendment 1: Pararagraphs 5, 11.3, 14, 15)
Version 1.2 issued 10/09/2023 (Amendment 2: Pararagraphs 6.1)
Version 1.3 issued 29/09/2023 (Amendment 3: Pararagraphs 13.3)



1. Interpretation

Headings are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation or meaning of the Sailing Instructions
Unless the context otherwise requires, a reference to one gender shall include a reference to the other genders
In the event of any translations being made this English text will always take precedence

2. Event Rules

The event is governed by the rules as defined in paragraph 1 of the Notice of event

3. Changes to the Sailing Instructions

3.1 Any change to the sailing instructions occurring prior or after a Skipper’s start date in the Event will be posted on the event website and notified to the skipper’s Preferred Shore Email and boat email and will become effective and deemed to have been read by the skipper 24hrs after being sent by the organiser

4. Communication with Skippers

4.1 Official communications to Skippers shall be sent to each Skipper’s Preferred Shore Email and Boat Email except as provided at point 4.5 below and may be published on the Event Website

4.2 The Organiser shall be contacted exclusively by email at and or voice call and or SMS and or WhatsApp message at the number +393204093306

4.3 On the water the Organiser intends to monitor and communicate with competitors on VHF radio channel 72 whilst within VHF range of A Coruña.

4.4 The following communications may be made by the race committee on VHF channel

4.4.1 Time left before the departure

4.4.2 Boat over the start line at the departure time

4.4.3 Traffic or safety information relating to the area in the proximity of the start line

4.5 It is the sole responsibility of the skipper to inform the Organiser using the Organiser Contacts of any changes to the Preferred Shore Email and or Boat Email and or Preferred Boat Phone Number

4.6 A skipper unable to access their Boat Email after their departure shall inform the Organiser via their Satellite Phone(s) using voice or SMS using the Organiser Contacts

4.7 The Orgniser shall communicate via Voice/SMS with the Skipper by Preferred Boat Satellite Phone only in the event that the skipper has informed the Organiser that they are unable to access their Boat Email

4.8 A skipper losing access to any means of satellite communication shall make reasonable efforts to inform the Organiser by any means of communication still functioning on the Boat to contact the Organiser or have a message relayed to the Organiser

4.9 A skipper who in good faith and demonstrably loses all means of communication before or after informing the Organisers may carry on in the Event on the assumption that no changes have been or will be made to the Sailing Instructions and shall not be penalised for breaking any Sailing Instructions rules amended after their communications blackout but must comply with all Rules and amendments therof already communicated to the Skipper up to that point

5. Code of Conduct

5.1 [DP] Skippers and Support Persons shall comply with reasonable requests of the Organiser

5.2 [DP] Skippers and support persons shall place equipment provided by the Organiser with care, seamanship, in accordance with any instructions for its use and without interfering with its functionality

5.3 [DP] Skippers shall place flags vynils decals provided by the Organiser for the Boat in accordance with the Notice of Event with care and in accordance with any instructions for itheir use and without interfering intentionally with their visibility

5.4 [DP] Any flag provided for in-port use shall be displayed whilst moored at Marina Coruña and until leaving the mooring for the allocated departure

5.5 [DP] Any flag provided for use during departure/arrival shall be displayed by the Skippers on the Boats’ starboard shroud at least 1m above deck from at least 2 hours before their allocated departure to 2 hours after they have crossed the start line as well as from 2 hours prior to their expected finish and 2 hours after they have crossed the finish line

5.6 [DP] A Skipper shall keep the Boat’s AIS Transponder active and in transmit mode during the whole duration of the event

5.7 [DP] In addition to the IMO rules for the prevention of pollution at sea Skippers shall carry on the Boat until the finish or until they pull into port everything embarked on departure except for provisions or fuel consumed, without disposing at sea of any trash such as but not limited to packaging and or damaged equipment and or damaged sails and or polluting liquid

6. Schedule of departures

6.1 No Boat shall depart before their allocated departure date and time

SkipperBoat NameSail#BoatTCCStart Date
Dafydd HughesBendigedigGBR 5383LS&S 340.89026/08/23 13:00 UTC
Ivan DimovBlue IbisK4115TEndurance 370.89026/08/23 13:00 UTC
Édouard De KeyserSolarWindBEL 34Solaire 341.01016/09/23 13:00 UTC
Louis RobeinLe Souffle de la Mer IIIFRA 27697X371.02023/09/23 13:00 UTC
Philippe DelamareMowgliFRA 13Actual 461.08930/09/23 13:00 UTC
Pavlin NadvorniEspresso MartiniBUL 545Farr 451.18821/10/23 13:00 UTC
Ari KänsäkoskiFujiFIN 38Class401.20821/10/23 13:00 UTC
William MacBrienPhoenixNED 44Class401.21021/10/23 13:00 UTC
David LingerKoloa MaoliUSA 15Class401.21528/10/23 13:00 UTC
Cole BrauerFirst LightUSA 54Class401.22528/10/23 13:00 UTC
Juan MeredizWaypointESP 69Class401.22528/10/23 13:00 UTC
François GouinKawan 3FRA 75Class401.22528/10/23 13:00 UTC
Riccardo TosettoObportusITA 60Class401.23028/10/23 13:00 UTC
Kevin Le PoidevinRoaring Forty7204Open 401.24028/10/23 13:00 UTC
Peter BourkeImagineUSA 90Open 401.25028/10/23 13:00 UTC
Ronnie SimpsonShipyard BrewingUSA 50Open 501.25028/10/23 13:00 UTC
Alessandro TosettiAspraITA 14306ULDB 651.25028/10/23 13:00 UTC
Andrea MuraVento di SardegnaITA 159Open 501.37018/11/23 13:00 UTC
Curt Morlock6 Lazy KUSA 84Open 601.47009/12/23 13:00 UTC
Volkan Kaan YemlihaoğluBlack BettyTUR 1Open 701.64006/01/24 13:00 UTC

6.2 A Boat that that is over the Start line before of their allocate departure time will incur the time penalties defined in paragraph 14

6.3 No individual recalls will be issued

6.4 Skippers are reminded that Racing Rules of Sailing do not apply at any time prior to or during the Event and that collision avoidance is ruled exclusively by Colregs

6.5 Skippers are reminded that their right of way over any other vessel in or around the departure area is solely governed by the Colregs and that every precaution must be taken to avoid collision regardless of right of way

6.6 Boats shall use their engines for propulsion up to their allocated time of departure and at any time to avoid a collision

7. Pre-departure Area

7.1 The pre-departure area is defined as the navigable area of the A Coruña basin limited by the lines joining the Lighthouse at the end of the Breakwater by Marina Coruña called Faro del Dique Barrie de la Maza (10.1) the Boya Bajo Guisanda (10.2) and the Lighthouse Cape Toriñana (10.3)

8. Departure and Finish Line

8.1 The departure line is the line joining the Lighthouse at the end of the Breakwater Marina Coruña called Faro del Dique Barrie de la Maza (10.1) and the Boya Bajo Guisanda (10.2) to be crossed from South to North

8.2 The finish line is the line joining the Lighthouse at the end of the Breakwater Marina Coruña called Faro del Dique Barrie de la Maza (10.1) and the Boya Bajo Guisanda (10.2) to be crossed from North to South

9. Course

9.1 Cross the Departure Line from South to North

9.2 Leave continental Europe to Port outbound

9.3 Leave continental Africa / Cape Good Hope to Port outbound

9.4 Leave Cape Leeuwin to Port

9.5 Leave Continental South America to Port outbound

9.5 Leave Tierra del Fuego and all outlying rocks including Isla Ildefonso to port, except for the Islas Diego Ramirez and Isla de los Estados which may be left to Port or Starboard

9.5 Leave Isla Hornos to Port (Cape Horn)

9.6 The Falkland Islands may be left to Port or Starboard

9.7 Leave Continental South America to Port homebound

9.8 Leave continental Africa / Cape Good Hope to Starboard homebound

9.9 Leave continental Europe to Starboard homebound

9.10 Cross the Finish line from North to South

10. Marks

10.1 Faro del Dique Barrie de la Maza. Puerto de A Coruña. International Number D-1714, approximate position Latitude 43º 22.00N, Longitude 008º 22.40W, Notes EQUIPPED WITH RADAR REFLECTOR, Technical Data: Light Signal, Type of Mark MASONRY CONICAL TOWER, Focal Plane Height (m) 18, Support Height (m) 5, Light Characteristics D, Light Rhythm L 0.5 oc 2.5, Light Period (s) 3.0, Light Color GREEN, Nominal Night Range (NM) 7

10.2 Boya Bajo Guisanda (03580). Puerto de A Coruña, approximate position Latitude 43º 21.80N, Longitude 008º 21.80W, Notes EQUIPPED WITH RADAR REFLECTOR, Technical Data: Light Signal, Type of Mark RED TURRET, Top Mark RED SQUARE OR CYLINDER, Light Characteristics D, Light Rhythm L 0.5 oc 4.5, Light Period (s) 5.0, Light Color RED

10.3 Faro Cape Toriñana, International Number D-1740, approximate position Latitude 43º 03.20N, Longitude 009º 17.90W, Light Characteristics GpD(2+1), Light Rhythm L 0.2 oc 2.2 L 0.2 oc 6.1 L 0.2 oc 6.1, Light Period (s) 15.0, Light Color WHITE

10.4 Cape of Good Hope approximate position Latitude: 34° 21′ 17.39″S Longitude: 18° 28′ 11.39″E

10.5 Cape Leeuwin approximate position Latitude: 34° 22′ 16.19″S Longitude: 115° 08′ 5.40″E

10.6 Islas Ildefonso approximate position Latitude 55°44′00″S Longitude 69°26′00″W

10.7 Islas Ramirez approximate position Latitude 56°29′S 68°44′W Longitude 56.483333°S

10.8 Isla de Hornos (Cape Horn) approximate position Latitude 55° 58′ 28.19″S Longitude: 67° 16′ 10.80″W

11. The Antarctic Region

11.1 The Antarctic Region is an obstruction of the course

11.2 Boats sailing into the Antarctic Region shall be subject to time penalties and or disqualification from the Event as detailed at paragraph 13

11.3 The Antarctic Region (AR) includes all waters south of the loxodromic route connecting the following points:

12. Ice Limit

12.1 The Ice Limit is a precautionary limit North of the Antarctic Region that Skippers are strongly recommended not to cross in order to reduce the risk of encountering icebergs and or growlers

12.2 The Ice Limit (IL) is defined by the loxodromic route connecting the following points:

13. Antarctic Buffer Zone

13.1 The body of waters between the Ice Limit (yellow) and the Antarctic Region (red) constitutes the Antarctic Buffer Zone

13.2 A Skippers may always sail north of the Ice limit and or temporarily decide to sail into the Antarctic Buffer Zone based on considerations that include but are not limited to wind strength and direction and or sea state and or forecast weather conditions

13.3 Skippers having been made aware of the additional ice risk that sailing past the Ice Limit poses may under their sole responsibility sail within the Antarctic Buffer Zone for a maximum of 72 consecutive hours at a time

13.4 Skippers sailing inside the Antarctic Buffer Zone for more than 72 hours shall be subject to time penalties as detailed at paragraph 14

14. Time Penalties

14.1 Time penalties are ruled by paragraph 17 of the Notice of Event except that point 17.2 does not apply for Boats returning to Marina Coruña

Extract from the Notice of Event for reference

17. Time penalties
17.1 Any violation of or non compliance with the Rules may result in the application of a time penalty to be decided at the sole discretion of the Organiser

17.2 A boat pulling into port as per 12.2.1 must then observe a minimum 96 hours time penalty or longer as decided by the Organiser. The Organiser may direct that such a penalty is to be observed entirely in port or that a boat may resume sailing at a time chosen by the Skipper and that any remaining part of the time penalty is to be observed at sea. The Organisers may request that a time penalty to be observed at sea must be completed after Cape Horn

17.3 Any time penalty to be observed at sea must be completed at a time chosen by the Skipper within a time window determined by the Event Organisers. For the duration of such a time penalty a Boat must not make any advance towards the finish line. The Organisers may request that a time penalty to be observed at sea must be completed after Cape Horn

17.4 No time penalties are applicable if a Boat anchors to carry out repairs find shelter from bad weather or other reason without receiving any kind of outside assistance

14.2 Any time penalty shall be notified to the Skipper to their Boat email in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of the this document

14.3 Any time penalty that is not observed by a Skipper because for no fault of their own they are not aware of it during the course of the Event will be added to the final elapsed time of the Boat finishing to establish the Event Rankings in accordance to 4.9

14.4 Any time penalty that is deliberately not observed by a skipper according to the instructions contained in the notification email and or communication made to the skipper according to 4.7 by the Organiser will be doubled before being added to the final elapsed time of any Boat in order to establish the Event Rankings

In addition to any discretionary time penalty resulting from the application of point 17.1 of the Notice of Event the following penalties are defined where [DP] indicates a Discretionary Penalty and [NDP] indicates a Non Discretionary Penalty

14.3.1 [DP] A Boat involved in a collision with any other vessel at any time prior or after the allocated departure shall receive a time penalty except for when a Skipper has demonstrably taken all reasonable precautions and action to avoid the collision in which case section 20 may apply

14.3.4 [NDP] Sailing outside of the Pre-Departure area defined in 7.1 in the 10 minutes before the allocated departure; PENALTY: 6 hours

14.3.5 [NDP] Sailing into the Antarctic Region; PENALTY: 2 hours for any hour spent inside the Antarctic Region calculated as per Paragraph 15

14.3.6 [DP] A Boat Sailing into the Antarctic Region for more than 48 hours may be disqualified from the Event