This page provides participants in the Global Solo Challenge with instructions on how to post their personal blogs to the website. You may send your blog to your own website or social media page as well as to the GSC website for increased visibility. We often reshare blogs on social media pages where in the region of 50k followers all accounts considered.

To be able to send blogs you first need to register and supply any email address that you will be sending blogs from, this could be your day to day land email plus your boat satellite email address.

Only registered emails can blog to the site so there is no risk of the webiste being spammed by third parties.

Once you have registered your email(s) adrress(es) you will be able to simply send emails to ‘blog [at]’ and your emails will be processed automatically. At present blogs are processed every hour so they may not appear immediately, the frequency may be stepped up closer to the event itself.

To post a blog simply compose an email addressed to “blog [at]” where:

Request activation of your blog feature