Storm conditions for Riccardo Tosetto with less than 500 miles to go

With less than 500 miles to go, Riccardo Tosetto is dealing with winter storm conditions, the wind has been often above 50 knots and occasionally gusting over 60. Riccardo, who just days ago had to swap from the primary to the secondary autopilot is feeling tense hoping nothing breaks for his final days at sea. Despite sailing very conservatively with just the mainsail fully reefed down to 4 reefs, Riccardo hasn’t slowed down keeping a good average around 9 knots so much so that he may even arrive in the afternoon on Friday 29th or in the morning of Saturday 30th.  Here in A Coruna the spring like weather of a couple of weeks ago seems to have left room to windy and wet conditions typical of the winter months.