To “The Equator and Beyond”

Good day from the Duck Boat Koloa! The trusty duck and I are on the way to “The Equator and Beyond”. Progress has indeed been a bit hit  and miss the last week or so, and  downright discouraging for a time, who knew South America was so long ! I guess a lot of folks it turns out. My dear friend from Seattle reminding me that even the French don’t look forward to this stretch.
“I  heard one Ultim skipper say how in every Vendée Globe or Ocean Race he’d done he never really looked forward to the leg after the Horn. He said it always felt like South America went on forever :)”
Hahaha I totally agree at this point but having covered 2500 nm so far it is passing by as we slog our way north.
The last week has passed by with squall dodging (so bearing off to get away or tacking for an hour or so) as wind dies behind the squall’s or collapsing clouds. Hiding from the midday sun and bathing with bucket with  a little fresh water rinse .
So happy for Andrea’s finish! I watched it live via Starlink! Crazy cool technology at a moderate cost !
Congratulations to the first three finishers and looking forward to the next three !
Koloa Maoli
At Sea