Tragedy Strikes SV Skeese

Willi Fantom

Well Well Well
The Capt and I set off From Adelaide as planned and sailed for Port
Lincoln. We departed on Saturday at 11:44am 26/06/2021 this part of the
journey took 34 hours, on average SOG 5.2 knotts.

We arrived at Port Lincoln at about Sunday, and while there did a few
sail repairs and stock up supplies and fuels and a few interviews with ABC
and The Port Lincoln Times and then set off.

We had planned a reasonable weather window to sail non stop to Albany West
Australia. So as a good sailor does he prepped and charted our course and
set sail at about 23:44 Friday the 02/07/2021.

Things were going well. We were making good time with an average SOG 4.3
After threading the needle as I call it through the many little Islands and
around the Perforated Islands to head out towards the Australian Bight..
That’s when things went south, so to speak I was on a starboard tack with
drift nothwestish. To head out to the Bight.

Radar alarms all set and AIS all set so down for a Coffee I go,
and that was that I fell asleep and woke up in a sitting position to the
Radar going off set at 2 mile and I was about a mile in swell sailing hard
to shore. I had opened all clutches, dropped sails, started the motor and
tried to turn up into the swell and over the crest but each time the bow
was pushed back down and closer to shore.

Again and again but could not get the bow around up and over the crest of
the waves.. As by now I was in breaking waves and on the last attempt the
bow got up but now pushed down to starboard and picked up and drop hard on
starboard hull at about 80% on to the first of rocks and boomies

Tide was on the way out so there was still water around me and then again
picked up and dropped and again this went on for about 3 hours when Skeese
finally was hard smashed onto the rocks high out of the water.

The entire Galley and saloon smashed up into the yacht and wedged on the
rocks there har up against the rocky shore line.

I could not abandon ship onto the rocks as the waves were still pounding
against the hull while the tide was on the way out. I was in contact via
the Iridium Go with Marine Rescue and the Epirb was activated… and then
for the next few hours this was how it was waiting watching my yacht break
up around me and everything that I had invested in with my mum’s

It was not until about 10:30 am that I was able to use my tender to get off
Skeese with Capt. Mistchief and myself and one bag of papers and clothes
and dog food. It was a dangerous thing to do as I had to time it and
climb over rocks and slippery weeds and around to the beach where I was
picked up by the Helicopter rescue and taken back to Port Lincoln Airport..

And now we are here cleaning up the pieces of the yacht off the shore line
you can’t get in without a very good 4×4 and have had the media tell my
story all over Australia and the world. see links

So we have had a Go Fund me Page set to get me back on the water and I have
found a yacht and will be back at it in about 4 weeks now and I am still
doing the Global Solo Challenge and we look forward to getting back on the
water really soon..

If it was not for the awesome help of the many locals here in Port Lincoln
I would not have been able to have saved some things and gotten this far..
Thank You Port Lincoln South Australia..

If you could see your way into assisting me please make a donation to the
Go Fund Me Page. I need $70,000 I have raised $48.293 before fees that

Ok Sailors Stay Safe And enjoy the continuing Saga Of The Never Ending
Story Of Solo Sailor For The Disabled …….