Will Croxford showcases Echo Zulu @ Southampton Boat Show

I have had a fantastic and exceptionally busy week so far at Southampton Boat Show. The weather has been glorious and both Echo Zulu, along with her renewable energy modifications, and the Global Solo Challenge have garnered much interest from the sailing fraternity and media alike. I think I did five interviews in the first day! It’s been an honour to be part of their team giving talks about the challenges of a non stop solo round the world sail on the Foredeck Stage throughout the week and it has generated some very interesting questions from the audience.

We’re on a twelve month countdown now until the big race and with so much to do, next September will come around quickly. I’m heading off on a two week solo in October and then Echo Zulu will be out of the water in November for some more TLC and modifications, ready for some serious sails early in 2023.

Karen Toms
PR & Sponsorship Manager
William Croxford Sailing
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