About The skipper



Years Old

Lives: Kettering, UK

Miles sailed: 20+ years

Group: TBA

Status: Retired Entry

Where does your passion for sailing come from?

Whilst I learnt to sail dinghies during weekends and summer holidays on the local lake as a young lad, little did I think this would lead to a life long passion for sailing and a dream to sail solo around the world. Gaining offshore experience in Australia and New Zealand on a number of different yachts, both cruisers and racers, has given me a platform on which to build my skills and confidence to challenge myself further.

Inspired by the achievements of Ellen MacArthur and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and with the opportunity of the Global Solo Challenge, I feel mentally and physically prepared to set sail, from A Coruna in September 2023, for a completely fossil-fuel-free journey that I hope will inspire both myself and others who will be able follow my progress as I navigate the course.

What lessons have you learnt from sailing?

Nature and the oceans are always in charge and one has to show them the respect they deserve alongside working symbiotically with them to both succeed and survive…and enjoy!

What brought you to like single-handed sailing?

I feel the time is right to fulfill my childhood dream of sailing solo around the world and the Global Solo Challenge has given me the ideal opportunity, so thank you! Also, the ethos of GSC echos my passion to inspire the younger generation to not only sail, but to sail with as much respect for the environment as possible.

Additionally, I am looking forward to sharing this experience with my fellow GSC skippers, many of whom have much more experience than I do.

What prompted you to sign up for this event?

My childhood dream of sailing/ racing around the world. After a difficult 2020 I have decided the time is now to fulfil this.

How do you plan to prepare for this event?

My priority is to ensure my boat is fully compatible and equipped for me to achieve my personal challenge of an entirely fossil-fuel free journey and she is soon to be ready. I will also be undertaking a number of solo experiences and aim to get myself in peak condition fitness wise as well as downloading as many audio books as my iPad will allow!

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

I suspect my biggest challenge will be the southern ocean as it will be completely different to anything I have experienced before, with fresh hazards to test my skills. On a personal level, I will need to ensure I carry the correct foodstuffs and medication to best manage my ulcerative colitis to ensure my focus and energy are directed towards the sailing challenge.

Tell us about your boat or the boat you would like to have.

Echo Zulu is a German Frers designed 45ft boat built in 1990.

Do you intend to link this personal challenge with a social message?

Absolutely! By sailing entirely fossil-fuel free I would like to, as mentioned previously, inspire the younger generation into sailing with a respect for the environment and the oceans. I am also aiming to raise awareness of the ongoing issues of plastic in the oceans and overfishing – and I am supporting the Blue Marine Foundation and Alzheimer’s Society as part of my challenge.

Sailing experience

20+ years.

About The Boat

Sail Number: WA 43545

Boat design: German Frers 45

Year built: 1990

Group: TBA

LOA: 45ft

Displacement: 10.250kgs

Upwind sail area: TBA

Downwind sail area: TBA